Greg Andrews

Councillor Greg Andrews has been a cottager in Pointe Au Baril since 1965 and a full time resident since 2004.  Currently serving his second term, elected to Council in 2010 representing Ward 1. A few of Greg's committee appointments include Chair of the Donations Committee, Parry Sound Area Chamber, Public Works Committee and the Committee of Adjustment.

Greg had a successful 30-year career with the Metropolitan Toronto Police, now retired and devotes his time and expertise to the community of PAB.  During his service, Greg held various positions within the force including the Drug Squad, Homicide and as an Instructor at the Toronto Police College.

Known, as the person you can count on, Greg believes that what is in the best interests of Ward 1 must also be consistent with what is in the best interests of the entire Township of Archipelago. Andrews is a pragmatist who takes a practical approach to problem solving with an ability to grasp and act on the issues that are of concern to the citizens he represents.

Greg Andrews feels his most important role as Councillor is to represent the collective interests of the people living in the village (Ward 1) and is committed to working tirelessly with residents seasonal ward cottagers and businesses, making the tough decisions to achieve a growing and vibrant community.