Fire Prevention and Safety

Fire Prevention and Safety

Please be aware that the Township of The Archipelago DOES NOT provide for the delivery of fire protection services.

The Township undertakes fire prevention and public education, ensuring that all citizens are aware and informed.

Please click on the links below for information regarding fire prevention and safety.

Smoke Alarm Program

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Safety

New By-laws in Effect Regarding OPEN BURNING and FIREWORKS

Please remember that the geography and abundance of vegetation within our Township increases our risk exposure to fire spread.  Familiarize yourself with the rules and safety guidelines we have provided surrounding these activities in order to ensure protection of people and property. 

Burning By-law 17-21
No setting fires during times when the Fire Danger Rating (FDR) is HIGH or EXTREME.  Use the Township’s website and road signage to ascertain the current rating.

When a Fire Danger Rating is MODERATE or LOW burning can occur if:
  • Between hours of 6p.m. & 2a.m. and only if wind conditions are conducive to best practices.
  • Fire size is less than 2m x 2m and is away from combustible structures or objects.
  • Fires are attended to until extinguished, and appropriate extinguishing resources are present.
  • Fires consume only clean fuels (do not burn garbage or treated wooded products).

Fireworks By-law 17-20
No person shall set off fireworks on any day or days during the year, except on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Independence Day (US), and the one day immediately preceding and/or following each of these days.

During these permitted dates, no discharging fireworks after 11p.m.

No setting off fireworks when there is a Fire Ban in effect or the Fire Danger Rating is HIGH or EXTREME, wherein no open air burning is permitted.
The use of sky lanterns and firecrackers are prohibited.

To Report a Forest Fire

To report a forest fire, call the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) 310-FIRE (310-3473).  No area code needed.  Leave a message if you get an answering machine.  They will need to speak to YOU and require you to provide more details.  The operator will prefer to speak with a first hand witness to gather important information – remember they are trying to assess and coordinate a response (probably by air) and details are important.