Waste & Recycling

Waste and Recycling

The Township of The Archipelago operates one landfill site (Site 9) which is located approximately 7 kms south of Pointe au Baril Station on Site 9 Road west of Highway 400.

The Township also operates eight transfer stations: three in the north Archipelago, three in the south Archipelago and two water-access sites (Devil's Elbow and Sheep Head) on Georgian Bay south.

All of the Township’s waste disposal sites are staffed to assist you and provide information with respect to the disposal of waste, recycling and what items can be accepted.    

Waste By-law 12-19 regulates the Township’s Waste Management System and establishes tipping fees.

Note:  The Township of The Archipelago is committed to operating safe and efficient waste and recycling facilities.  While site attendants are available to offer assistance and guidance if you are unsure of where to dispose of an item, it is a ratepayers' responsibility to sort their household garbage and recyclables prior to arriving at the waste site.  Staff will not open or sort your household garbage or recyclables for you.  For more information, please read the following Memo to All Users of Waste Facilities.

Clear Plastic Bags

The Township of The Archipelago has adopted a "clear bag program” as a cost-effective measure to increase the diversion of materials from the waste stream.  Implementing a clear bag program also improves worker safety and protects staff from injuring themselves on sharp objects such as broken glass.  Staff are able to conduct a quick assessment of the contents to ensure that no recyclables or hazardous items such as oil, paint, pharmaceuticals etc. are in the bag. It is mandatory that all household garbage and/or recyclables be placed in clear plastic bags.  Open recycling containers are also acceptable.

Waste Disposal Cards

All users of the Township’s waste disposal facilities must present a waste disposal card to the attendant.  If you are a new owner of property in the Township and require a card, or if you need to replace a card that was misplaced or damaged, you may obtain one at the Township office or alternatively, you can submit a Service Request or contact the Township office at 705-746-4243 Ext. 338.  A new waste card can be sent to you by regular mail or picked up at the Township office.  Please note that the cards don’t have an expiry date. 

Waste Recycling Strategy

In 2014, the Township engaged the services of Azimuth Environmental Consulting Inc. to complete a waste recycling strategy that identified methods by which the waste management system could become more efficient and effective and the recycling of waste material could be increased.  Please refer to the Waste Recycling Strategy for more information regarding the Township’s waste management system.


Anyone found contravening the Waste By-law will be subject to enforcement action.  Please report any abuse by contacting the Township’s By-law Enforcement Department.