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Township Profile

The Township of The Archipelago was created pursuant to The District of Parry Sound Local Government Act as a result of the Province's policy to extend, consolidate and strengthen local governments in the District of Parry Sound. The Municipality emerged from four previously unorganized townships on the east coast of Georgian Bay having a similar recreational land use character.

The Township consists of several thousand islands in Georgian Bay and a number of inland, freshwater lakes, all of which are used for recreational purposes either cottages or year-round residences. The lands in The Archipelago may be described as remote and sparsely populated. The essence of the Township is derived from its natural environment.

The local economy of the Township of The Archipelago results primarily from the natural resources of the area and the recreational base of the Municipality. Aside from those ancillary or incidental uses established in conjunction with the recreational nature of the Township, the true economic function relates to the passive recreational gains realized by the individual users of The Archipelago's environment.

The impetus for creating the Township of The Archipelago originated from a strong desire by its inhabitants and the Province to preserve its high quality recreational character and the natural environment. This Plan has been prepared within the context of the historical development of the area as well as its existing recreational development pattern.

Following are assessment values for 2021:

  Commercial:  $97,704,200.00
  Farm:  $318,800.00
  Industrial:  $705,100.00
  Residential:  $2,030,096,409.00
  Landfill:  $2,600.00
  Managed Forest:  $16,653,700.00
  Total Assessment:  $2,145,480,809.00
  Permanent population:  979 (based on 2021 census)
  Seasonal population:  12,800
  Total population:  13,332

  Permanent households:  266
  Seasonal households:  3,074
  Total households:  3,340 (based on MPAC data)

  • The Township of The Archipelago encompasses a total land area of 145,603 acres

  • 87% of this area or 113,650 acres is Crown land

  • 13% of this area or 12,530 acres is patented land

  • there are 2,391 surveyed islands in the Township

  • there are 4,084 patented lands in the Township