911 Civic Addresses

Developed properties within The Township of The Archipelago have been assigned civic addresses for the purpose of 9-1-1 emergency response.  Your civic address is made up of three parts: a civic number, a street name and a suffix depicting whether your property is an island or mainland property and whether it is accessed by water or by road. 

Examples of civic addresses are: 

5 Crane Lake Water
10 Georgian Bay Water
15 A500 Island
20 South Shore Road

Do I need a civic address? 

If your property is developed residentially or commercially and contains a building(s) in which people spend time, you should have a civic address.  Please note that the Township does not issue civic addresses for vacant properties.

What is the difference between a civic address and a 9-1-1 number?

Your civic address is what you must provide to the 9-1-1 dispatch in case of an emergency.  In essence then, they are one in the same thing in the Township of The Archipelago.

What is the difference between a civic address and a mailing address? 

A 9-1-1 civic address is for the purpose of emergency response and the assignment of civic addresses is the responsibility of The Archipelago. 

Canada Post is responsible for the management of mailing addresses, postal codes and mail delivery.  Some year-round residents in The Archipelago have rural mail delivery and their mailing address is the same as their civic address.  Some year-round residents have mail delivered to a post office box or general delivery in Mactier, Ontario or Pointe au Baril, Ontario.  The majority of property owners within The Archipelago are seasonal residents and do not have any form of mail delivery to their summer properties.  For any questions regarding mail delivery, please contact Canada Post at 705-746-9044.

How, when and where do I apply for a civic address?

If you are planning on developing a vacant parcel of land, the Township’s Building Department will notify the appropriate Township staff to ensure that you are assigned a new civic address concurrent with getting your building permit(s).  The Township does not charge ratepayers for the sign.  You will be notified of what your new civic address is.

Who will install my new civic address sign?

If your property is road access, the Public Works Department will arrange to have the new signage erected adjacent to your driveway, as well as any directional signs that are deemed necessary.

If your property is on an island or is water-access only, you will be provided with the sign and it will be your responsibility to erect it on your dock.  The sign must be placed on or adjacent to the main docking facility, in a clearly visible location and parallel to the abutting waterway.

Should a property owner wish, additional signage may be erected elsewhere on the property in a format other than that issued by the Township.

Property owners and occupants are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that their civic address sign is clearly visible at all times. On roadways, please ensure that your sign is free of snow accumulation, overgrown vegetation or any other obstruction.

What do I do if my civic address sign is damaged or missing? 

If your sign is damaged or missing, please contact the Township office and we will order a replacement.  Also, you may enter a Service Request to obtain a replacement sign.

As above, if yours is a road-access property, the Public Works Department will arrange to have the replacement sign erected.  If it is an island or water-access only property, we will hold the sign at the Township office for you to pick up. 

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