Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest

Public Registry – Council Members who declare Pecuniary Interest

Duty of Members of Council

Where a member, either on his or her own behalf or while acting for, by, with or through another, has any pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, in any matter and is present at a meeting of the council or local board at which the matter is the subject of consideration, the member,

(a)  shall, prior to any consideration of the matter at the meeting, disclose the interest and the general nature thereof;

(b)  shall not take part in the discussion of, or vote on any question in respect of the matter, and

(c)  shall not attempt in any way whether before, during or after the meeting to influence the voting on any such question

Where member to leave closed meeting

Where a meeting is not open to the public, in addition to complying with the requirement above, the member shall forthwith leave the meeting or the part of the meeting during which the matter is under consideration.

Written statement of disclosure

At a meeting at which a member discloses an interest, or as soon as possible afterwards, the member shall file a written statement of the interest and its general nature with the clerk of the municipality or the secretary of the committee or local board.

Requirement to establish registry

Every municipality and local board shall establish and maintain a registry in which shall be kept, a copy or each statement filed and declaration recorded.

Access to registry

The registry shall be available for public inspection in the manner and during the time that the municipality or local board may determine.

Municipal Conflict of Interest Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER M.50

Public Registry – Council Members who declare Pecuniary Interest Documents