February 16, 2017 Committee of the Whole Minutes
Committee of the Whole - Committee of the Whole Minutes

The Corporation of the Township of The Archipelago
     M I N U T E S    


February 16, 2017

9 James Street, Parry Sound, Ontario

Council Members Present:

Reeve:                   Peter Ketchum


Tom Lundy                      Ward 1
Greg Andrews                 Ward 1
Peter Frost                      Ward 2

Ken Williams                   Ward 3
Bert Liverance                 Ward 4
David Ashley                   Ward 4      
Rick Zanussi                   Ward 4

Council Members Absent:  Councillors:             Gary French           Ward 3
                                                                           Ian Mead                Ward 5
                                                                           Grant Walker          Ward 6                                                                           

Staff Present:         

Stephen Kaegi – CAO
Maryann Weaver - Clerk
Joe Villeneuve - Manager of Corporate Services
Cale Henderson - Manager of Development & Environmental Services
Mike Kearns - Manager of Operational Services


1.         CALL TO ORDER

Councillor Williams called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

2.         PUBLIC WORKS

            Administration Office

Mike Kearns reported that due to ice build-up on the roof there was a leak in the ceiling in the office. Staff will be installing a heat cable.

            Swing Sets

Councillor Williams reported that he spoke with Skerryvore Association and they have come back with an estimate of $25,000. for swing set equipment. The Association reported they prefer to have the pavilion built before the playground equipment. The projects are on hold for the time being.

            Nursing Station/Ambulance Base

Steve Kaegi reported that the contractors have given a firm move in date of March 27, 2017.

            Waste Diversion Ontario

Mike Kearns reported on a workshop being hosted by AMO. The Committee discussed the importance of AMO recognizing the difference between large urban cites and small northern rural municipalities.

            Abandoned Docks

The Committee discussed the issue with the rising number of abandoned docks found in back bays.

Staff was directed to draft an explanation on how ratepayers can properly dispose of their old docks and provide to the Associations for discussion at their annual meetings.

             Purchase of new tandem plow truck

Mike Kearns reported on the tender results for the purchase of a new truck, with a recommendation of a 2018 Freightliner truck from Freightliner in North Bay carrying Tenco plow equipment, including a stainless steel box.

Staff was directed to bring a resolution forward to the February Council meeting.

            Community Safety Zone Update

Mike Kearns reported that the application has been delayed due to MTO staff issues.

Staff was directed to escalate the matter with the appropriate department and write a letter to the Minister expressing staffs frustration.

            Phragmites Workshop

Mike Kearns reported that he will be presenting at a Learn How to Manage Phragmites Workshop on April 28th, being held at Canadore College.


            Closed Meeting

                                                                                    Moved by Councillor Williams

                                                                                    Seconded by Councillor Frost

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Human Resources Committee move into a CLOSED MEETING at 9:55 a.m., pursuant to Section 239(2)(b) of the Municipal Act, 2001,S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended, to deal with personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees.

                               i)          Human Resource Matters


            Open Meeting

                                                                                    Moved by Councillor Lundy

                                                                                    Seconded by Councillor Ashley

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Human Resources Committee move out of a CLOSED MEETING at 10:10 a.m.


The Committee recessed at 10:10 am for a 10 minute break.


            Draft Procedural By-law

The Committee reviewed the final draft of the Procedural By-law. Cale Henderson requested a Committee name change from Planning Committee to Planning and Building Committee. The Committee was in agreement.

Staff was directed to bring the by-law forward to the February Council meeting.

            Investigator Services Agreement with Local Authority Services Ltd. (LAS)

The Committee discussed the current closed meeting investigator and fees associated with the organization. Staff requested that the Committee revert back to the Ontario Ombudsman, and the cost for their services is free. The Committee was in agreement.

Staff was directed to bring a resolution forward to the February Council meeting.

           Legal Update

No issues were raised.

           Budget Discussions

Councillor Ashley and Wendy Hawes provided the Committee with an update on the budget. The budget will come back to the Committee for further discussion in March.

           REDAC Update

Joe Villeneuve provided an update on the February 15th Redac meeting, reporting on key project updates, results of the executive survey and the upcoming visioning exercise to examine the future of Redac.

            By-law Enforcement Update

Joe Villeneuve provided an overview of the by-law enforcement activities from May 2016 to January 2017.

           JMK Lease - Parking

Stephen Kaegi provided some history on Murray Kennedy’s parking spots which were lost during the redevelopment of the Pointe au Baril Wharf. Mr. Kaegi recommended that Council enter into a lease agreement with Murray Kennedy for 5 parking spots. The Committee was in agreement.

Staff was directed to prepare an agreement and bring forward to a future meeting.

5.         DONATIONS

            Donation in Support of Keith Gardner and Family

Councillor Andrews informed the Committee about Keith Gardner’s recent diagnosis. The Committee discussed ways to support the family.

Staff was directed to research ways the Township could get involved or facilitate a fund and ways to encourage others to donate.

6.         ENVIRONMENT

            Forest Health Report

Mr. Bywater presented the 2016 Forest Health Update. The Committee discussed ways to distribute the report including posting on the Township website and providing an overview in the Spring Newsletter.

7.         PLANNING

            Creen & Cherepa – Official Plan Amendment No. 64

Cale Henderson reported that after 6 months, the OPA finally received approval from the Ministry.

The Committee discussed acquiring delegated authority from the Province.

Staff was directed to research the pros and cons and report back at a future meeting.

            Building By-law

The Committee reviewed the proposed changes to the Building By-law. Rob Farrow reported that staff will be conducting a review of fees in 2018.

Staff was directed to bring the by-law forward to the February Council meeting.

            2016 Permit Summary

The Committee reviewed the building permit summary for 2016. Rob Farrow reported that revenue was up 40% from 2015.

            Septic Review & Education

Rob Farrow provided a brief review of the 2016 re-inspection program, informing the Committee that staff will continue with the same for 2017.

8.         ADJOURNMENT

Meeting adjourned at 2:18 p.m.



___________________________               ___________________________

Peter Ketchum, Reeve                                 Maryann Weaver, Clerk

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