September 15, 2016 Steering Committees Minutes
Committee of the Whole - Committee of the Whole Minutes

The Corporation of the Township of The Archipelago

    M I N U T E S    

September 15, 2016

9 James Street, Parry Sound, Ontario


Council Members Present:

Reeve:                   Peter Ketchum


Tom Lundy                      Ward 1
Peter Frost                      Ward 2
Ken Williams                   Ward 3
Gary French                    Ward 3
David Ashley                   Ward 4
John Pepperell                Ward 4     
Rick Zanussi                   Ward 4
Ian Mead                         Ward 5
Grant Walker                   Ward 6

Council Members Absent:

Greg Andrews                 Ward 1

Staff Present:         

Stephen Kaegi – CAO
Maryann Weaver - Clerk
Joe Villeneuve – Manager of Corporate Services
Cale Henderson - Manager of Development & Environmental Services
Mike Kearns - Manager of Operational Services


1.         CALL TO ORDER

Councillor Ashley called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


            David Morris. Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North

David Morris, CEO for Habitat for Humanity described to the Committee, how the organization works with volunteers and community partners to help hardworking, low income families break the cycle of poverty through affordable homeownership. Mr. Morris further explained that one of their goals for 2017 was a build in Pointe au Baril, and asked if the Township had surplus land that could be made available to Habitat for Humanity.

Staff was directed to look into potential surplus lands and report back to the Committee.

            Financial Impact on Georgian Bay Land Trust

The Committee discussed the report and agreed that, in consultation with the GBLT, a communication to ratepayers be formulated which outlines the outcomes of GBLT acquiring lands and the down-zoning to NSC.

Councillor Frost was asked to contact to the GBLT and report back.


            Draft Policy Manual 2016

The Committee discussed the proposed boat mileage rates. Councillor Zanussi offered to research the costs of boat maintenance and report back to the October Committee Meeting. The Committee was in agreement.

The Committee recessed at 10:10 a.m. for a 10 minute break.

4.         PLANNING

            Macey’s Bay Development – Georgian Bay Township

Cale Henderson recapped the deputation made by Wally King at the August Council meeting, explaining that the group is asking for Council’s assistance and support.

The Committee discussed various options on how to assist, without direct involvement. The Committee agreed to defer any involvement until the Georgian Bay Association is contacted. Councillor Frost agreed to contact the GBA Board and report back.

            Moon River Marine – Amending Site Plan Agreement

Cale Henderson reviewed the proposed amending site plan development application for Moon River Marine to erect another boat storage building.

Staff was directed to bring the by-law forward to the September Council meeting.

            Official Plan – Review of Public Comments

Cale Henderson reviewed the summary of public comments from the Open House and Public Meeting. The Committee was in agreement with the recommendations.

Councillor Williams expressed some concerns with the request for an amendment to the lot creation policies in the Pointe au Baril Islands neighbourhood, asking that Council agree to the delay of adoption of the OP until November.

            Aga Ming – Receipt of Zoning By-law Amendment Application

Cale Henderson reviewed the proposed zoning by-law amendment application for Camp Aga-Ming Inc. to remove the holding (H) provision from the property.

Staff was directed to bring a resolution forward to the September Council meeting.

            Ministry of Natural Resources – Work Permit Application

Cale Henderson presented the application to construct a new road on Crown land.

Staff was directed to bring resolution forward to the September Council meeting.

5.         PUBLIC WORKS

            Skerryvore Road Project Update

Mike Kearns reported that Fowlers has finished the surface treatment on Skerryvore Road. There was a brief discussion on the width of the curves. Mr. Kearns assured the Committee that the road was built to proper standard and that the width of the pavement will be the same throughout.

            North Shore Road Update

Mike Kearns reported that they are continuing the replacement of culverts on North Shore Road.

            Roads General Update

Councillor Lundy recognized the public works staff for all their extra efforts during the recent flooding in Pointe au Baril.

Mike Kearns reported that the public works staff are starting to prepare for winter and that winter sand is scheduled to be delivered next week.

            Pointe au Baril Nursing/Ambulance Station –Update

Mike Kearns reported that due to the closing of Kent Trusses, the contractors will be stick framing the roof trusses.

            Possible funding application for PAB playground (Canada 150 partnership)

Mike Kearns reported that he is investigating potential funding through the Ontario 150 Partnership Program for replacement playground equipment for the Pointe au Baril Community Centre.

            Facilities General Update

Mike Kearns reported that the results of the Surface Water Quality Report at Holiday Cove are negative, which confirms that operations at Holiday Cove have no effect on water quality.

           Waste General Update

Mike Kearns reported that the Reuse Centres are shutting down for the winter. Eric Thompson added that all the books from Crane Lake Reuse Centre were donated to Bearly Used Books.


The Committee recessed for a meeting of the Planning Board at 1:00 p.m. and resumed business at 1:25 p.m.

7.         ENVIRONMENT

           Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve Program Update - Fall Newsletter

The Committee reviewed the newsletter and had no concerns. Cale Henderson explained that the GBBR will be sending it out to all of Council to pass along to the Associations to circulate to their members.

           Water Quality Program – Discussion

Councillor Walker expressed his concerns with the water quality program this year. He asked that all Councillors check with their Associations to make sure they are in contact with the proper people.

8.         ADJOURNMENT

Meeting adjourned at 1:36 p.m.



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Peter Ketchum, Reeve                                     Maryann Weaver, Clerk

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