May 19, 2016 Steering Committees Minutes
Committee of the Whole - Committee of the Whole Minutes

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The Corporation of the Township of The Archipelago
M I N U T E S    
May 19, 2016
9 James Street, Parry Sound, Ontario

Council Members Present:

Reeve:                   Peter Ketchum


Tom Lundy                      Ward 1
Peter Frost                      Ward 2

Ken Williams                   Ward 3
David Ashley                   Ward 4
John Pepperell                Ward 4
Rick Zanussi                   Ward 4
Ian Mead                         Ward 5
Grant Walker                   Ward 6

Council Members Absent:

Greg Andrews                 Ward 1
Gary French                    Ward 3

Staff Present:         

Stephen Kaegi – CAO
Maryann Weaver - Clerk
Cale Henderson - Manager of Development & Environmental Services
Mike Kearns - Manager of Operational Services



Councillor Frost called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.


Anne & Richard Kaster (owners of Moose Lake Lodge)
Re:  Proposed Henvey Inlet transmission line

Anne and Richard Kaster addressed the Committee about their concerns with the 230,000 volt transmission line that Henvey Inlet Wind Inc. proposes to locate along the municipal road allowance, which is directly in front of their residence and business.  The Kasters specifically identified health concerns that are directly related to the high volume of electric and electronic pollution, which this line would produce and emit.

The Kasters are requesting that Council prevent the Henvey Inlet Power from locating the transmission line along the municipal road allowance in front of their property.

Staff was directed to contact Henvey Inlet Wind Energy Centre and the various regulators to express the issues and concerns raised by the Kasters.  Staff was also directed to research other affected property owners.

Crane Lake Discovery Camp – Official Plan Amendment No. 65

Cale Henderson reviewed with the Committee the proposed applications.  The Committee expressed concerns with the size and need of the proposed structures.

The Committee recessed at 10:10 a.m. for a 5 minute break.

Kansun, Barbara – Zoning By-law Amendment No. Z08-15

Cale Henderson relayed that the applicants have requested that this matter be deferred, as they are amending their proposal.  The new proposal will be brought back to a future meeting.

Site Alteration / Tree Preservation Information

Cale Henderson summarized for the Committee, tree cutting and site alteration by-laws in and around the Parry Sound and Muskoka area. Mr. Henderson explained that due to the complexity of the by-laws, enforcement can be challenging and that many municipalities use education as a tool in obtaining their goals.

Crane Lake Resort - Official Plan Amendment No. 62
Future Public Meeting

Cale Henderson reported that the public meeting has been set for July 15th at 2:00 p.m. at Crane Lake Resort.

Councillor Andrews left the meeting at 10:38 a.m.

Official Plan 5-Year Review
PaBIA request for increased frontage for new lot creation

Cale Henderson reviewed with the Committee PABIA’s recommendations regarding lot frontage and new lot creation.

Staff was directed to not include PaBIA’s recommendations, with respect to the lot frontage, in the draft OP, as the Committee is not in support of them.


Forest Health Workshop

David Bywater reported that the Forest Health Workshop was very well attended and that he was able to video tape most of the workshop.  Mr. Bywater further reported that a number of provincial government staff, who were presenting, had refused to be videotaped.

The Committee directed staff to write a letter to the Ministry, on behalf of Council, to express their disappointment and request an explanation.

Mr. Bywater reported that there are two new bugs that are of interest.  Information on these new bugs has been posted on the Township website and will be sent off to the Associations.

Water Quality Program

David Bywater provided a brief update on water quality monitoring program.  Mr. Bywater relayed that GBBR have hired an intern to lead the water quality program, who will be in contact with the Associations to assist in their participation in the lake partner program.


Arts on the Bay – Pointe au Baril
25th Anniversary Variety Show, July 20th

The Committee discussed the request from the Pointe au Baril Arts and Culture Club and agreed to an additional one-time donation in the amount of $1,000.00.

Staff was directed to bring a resolution forward to the May Council meeting.

Proposed Granting of Right-of-Way and Sale and Purchase of Lands
20 Railroad Lane (Kennedy, William & Lauralee)
27 South Shore Road (Township property)

Cale Henderson reviewed with the Committee the proposed exchange of lands and right of way.  Mr. Henderson further explained the need for an agreement with the Kennedy’s and a resolution authorizing staff to undertake the necessary steps to complete the transactions.

Staff was directed to proceed and bring forward to the May Council meeting.


Skerryvore Road Project

Mike Kearns reported that the MNR has provided comments and are requesting that turtle fencing be installed.  Construction is scheduled to start in July and end in September.

General Update – Scheduled Projects

Mike Kearns reported on the upcoming projects including culvert replacements on North Shore and Healey Lake Rd, as well as some grading and dust control in the south starting in May.

General Update – Status of facilities

Mike Kearns reported that there have been upgrades to the cooking facilities at the Community Centre and that the water pump is on order for the circulation and heating pump.

Mike Kearns reported that contractors are scheduled to start on the new Nursing Station in early June.

General Update – Site status of CIF/WDO activities

Mike Kearns reported all sites are ready for the long weekend.

Mike Kearns reported that he is working on submitting a CIF funding application.

Reeve Ketchum reported that the MOE made a presentation at FONOM on the Waste Free Ontario Act and conveyed that they were aware of the needs of rural municipalities.


The Committee recessed for a meeting of the Planning Board at 1:07 p.m.


Meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.

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