March 17, 2016 Steering Committees Minutes
Committee of the Whole - Committee of the Whole Minutes

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The Corporation of the Township of The Archipelago
M I N U T E S    
March 17, 2016
9 James Street, Parry Sound, Ontario

Council Members Present:

Reeve:                   Peter Ketchum


Greg Andrews                 Ward 1
Peter Frost                      Ward 2

Ken Williams                   Ward 3
Gary French                    Ward 3
David Ashley                   Ward 4
John Pepperell                Ward 4
Rick Zanussi                   Ward 4
Grant Walker                   Ward 6

Council Members Absent:

Tom Lundy                      Ward 1
Ian Mead                         Ward 5

Staff Present:         

Stephen Kaegi – CAO
Maryann Weaver - Clerk
Joe Villeneuve - Manager of Corporate Services
Cale Henderson - Manager of Development & Environmental Services
Mike Kearns - Manager of Operational Services


Councillor Walker called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


The following item were added to the Environment Committee:
    1.  Georgian Bay Forever Annual Report

Georgian Bay Forever Report

David Bywater of Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve provided a brief update on the Georgian Bay Forever Annual report, particularly the results of the Water Quality Monitoring Program.  Mr. Bywater specifically touched on the microbial source tracking, which is a tool used to help identify the source of microbial contaminants in our waters.

Water Quality Testing

David Bywater and Greg Mason of Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve discussed the strategies for this season’s water quality monitoring program.  The Committee agreed to continue with the current water quality testing program for this year, but look at a possible revision for next year.  

Forest Health

David Bywater of Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve provided an update on the Forest Health workshop scheduled for April 22nd at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  Mr. Bywater reported that the Annual Forest Health Report has been posted on the website, along with the Introduced Pine Sawfly pamphlet.

Adult and Children Programs

Delaina Arnold of Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve reviewed with the Committee the programs GBBR will be offering this year including, Kids in the Biosphere and Guided Hike with GBBR.

Love Your Lake

Delaina Arnold of Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve provided an update from last year and reported that all components are complete, that the survey code was mailed out on March 1st which gives landowners access to personalized reports.  Ms. Arnold informed the Committee that the funding application for the clean-up fund had been submitted.


The following items were added to the Planning Committee:
1.  Minor Variances
2.  Clear cutting

Building Permit and Survey Requirements

Cale Henderson reported on an issue in Woods Bay where a property owner has discovered that his septic is located on the neighbour’s property.  Mr. Henderson reviewed the procedure when applying for a septic/building permit and explained that it is the ratepayer’s responsibility to locate where their lot lines are.  Staff assured the Committee that this is not a reoccurring issue and is recommending that staff continue with current practices.

Staff was directed to maintain current procedures and to not require surveys completed by a qualified surveyor with building permit applications.

N.D. McLennan Ltd – Crane Lake Resort

Cale Henderson reviewed with the Committee the process and applications required for the proposal to sever the marina from the resort and the conversion of the existing resort into a residential condominium.  Due to the involvement of multiple approval authorities, Mr. Henderson is recommending a joint public meeting.  It was discussed that it would be beneficial to hold the public meeting on site.  John Jackson will take the request back to the applicants and advise staff.

The Committee directed staff to bring a resolution to receive the applications forward to the March Council meeting.

Georgian Bay Land Trust

Cale Henderson reviewed the application for the proposed zoning by-law amendment to rezone Island A274 from the Coastal/Island Residential (CR) Zone to the Natural State Conservation (NSC) Zone.

The Committee directed staff to bring a resolution to receive the application forward to the March Council meeting.

Minor Variances

Councillor Ashley sought clarification from the committee on how one determines what is minor, specifically when dealing with sleeping cabins.

Clear Cutting

Councillor Pepperell discussed with the Committee the incident on Edward Island where the entire Island has been completely cleared of trees.  

Staff was directed to research what other municipalities are doing to regulate clear cutting and report back.


Closed Meeting

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Finance and Administration Committee move into a CLOSED MEETING at 11:18 a.m., pursuant to Section 239(2)(e) of the Municipal Act, 2001,S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended, to deal with litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board.

    i)    Property in Tax Sale.  3 Pattison Lane


Open Meeting

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Finance and Administration Committee move out of a CLOSED MEETING at 11:46 a.m.


Indemnification By-law

The Committee discussed the draft by-law.  Staff was directed to bring the by-law forward for consideration at the March Council meeting.

Dogs at Large By-law Discussion

Councillor Walker reported to the Committee that there are a couple of dogs running at large in Ward 6.  He explained that the dogs are aggressive and without a by-law in place there is no tool to provide enforcement.  Staff explained the challenges of having a Dogs At Large By-law, specifically the extra costs for enforcement and the requirement to have a location to contain the dogs.  Staff recommended that if any dogs are behaving in a threatening and/or aggressive manner, that the OPP be notified as it is a matter of public safety

The Committee recessed for lunch at 12:08 p.m.  The meeting resumed at 1:00pm.


The Committee recessed for a meeting of the Planning Board at 1:00 p.m. and resumed business at 1:15 p.m.



Mike Kearns reported that new tables for the Pointe au Baril Community Centre have arrived.

Mr. Kearns informed the Committee that the boards on the outdoor rink in Pointe au Baril will be removed for the summer.  The rink will be a part of the construction area and will be off limits to the public.

Waste Management

Mike Kearns reported that the hours of operation for the waste sites will be the same as last year, except for some minor amendments to the south ward sites.

Mr. Kearns reported that the cameras at the Skerryvore and Pointe au Baril sites have been installed.


Mike Kearns reported that there are no roads issues and no issues of flooding at this time.  Mr. Kearns reported that reduced load restrictions are now in effect.

Ontario Phragmites Working Group

Mike Kearns reported on the Ontario Phragmites Working Group session he attended in Waterloo.  The group meets to share projects and project updates on invasive phragmites control efforts.  Mr. Kearns stressed the importance of treating the phragmites on site and avoiding transport of the plant in order to control further spread.


Meeting adjourned at 1:52 p.m.


______________________               ___________________________

Peter Ketchum, Reeve                     Maryann Weaver, Clerk


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