January 14, 2016 Steering Committees Minutes
Committee of the Whole - Committee of the Whole Minutes

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The Corporation of the Township of The Archipelago

M I N U T E S   


January 14, 2016

9 James Street, Parry Sound, Ontario


Council Members Present:           

Reeve:                      Peter Ketchum



Peter Frost                 Ward 2

Gary French               Ward 3

Ken Williams              Ward 3

David Ashley              Ward 4

Ian Mead                    Ward 5

Grant Walker              Ward 6


Council Members Absent: 


Greg Andrews          Ward 1

Tom Lundy                Ward 1

John Pepperell         Ward 4

Rick Zanussi             Ward 4


Staff Present:

Stephen Kaegi – CAO

Maryann Weaver – Clerk

Joe Villeneuve – Manager of Corporate Services

Mike Kearns - Manager of Public Works & Facilities

Cale Henderson – Manager of Development &

Environmental Services



Councillor Frost called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

2.      PLANNING

Timm’s Road Application – Report

Cale Henderson reviewed a Crown Land Trail Application that was submitted to the MNRF to expand an existing trail network.

The Committee directed staff to meet with the MNRF to discuss the municipality’s concerns with this application including, the impact on the deer wintering yard, parking issues, the potential for the trail to turn into a road, the impact on surrounding marinas and the issue of enforcement.

Penfold, Thomas – Remove Holding ‘H’ Designation

Cale Henderson reviewed the application for the proposed zoning by-law amendment to remove the Holding (H) Provision from a portion of the subject lands.

The Committee directed staff to bring the by-law forward to the January Council meeting.

Environmental Health Consulting Inc. – Site Plan Agreement

Cale Henderson reviewed the application for a site plan agreement, including the applicants request that the site plan not be registered on title.

Mr. Henderson advised Council that there was some flexibility with amending a site plan agreement without requiring a new agreement and registration. The applicant agreed to amend the existing site plan agreement to add some flexibility and forward a new site plan to staff.

The Committee directed staff to bring the revised agreement forward to the February Council meeting and instructed staff that the agreement was to be registered on title.

Payne Marine – Zoning By-law Amendment No. Z06-15

Cale Henderson reviewed the application for the proposing zoning by-law amendment to rezone the a portion of the subject property from the Natural State (NS) Zone to the Marine Commercial Exception 2 (MC-2) Zone which would allow the land to be use as part of the existing marina.

The Committee directed staff to bring the by-law forward to the January Council meeting.


Pine Sawfly Flyer

Councillor Williams informed the Committee that the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR) had created a flyer for the Introduced Pine Sawfly and that a smaller version of the flyer was included in the newsletter, which will be sent out with the tax bills in mid-January.

Councillor Williams reported that the full version of the flyer had been posted on the website and that a mail out is planned for April.


2016 Budget

Councillor Mead and Wendy Hawes provided the Committee with an update on the budget, specifically on the OMPF and reserves. The budget will come back to the Committee for further discussion in April.

McCurdy Shore Road Allowance (Blackstone Lake)

The matter was deferred to the April 14th, 2016 Committee meeting.

Council Training Sessions – Update

Maryann Weaver reported that the training session with Fred Dean is tentatively scheduled for April 14th, 2016 and that the First Nations 101 training session will be scheduled for May or June, 2016.

The Committee agreed to forward to staff, matters that they would like addressed in the session.

Ms. Weaver reported that Pamela Ford, OPP, will be attending Council on February 19th to provide Council with an explanation on the OPP billing statement. Also attending will be Staff Sergeant Ron Campbell from the Parry Sound Detachment.

The Committee agreed to forward to staff some areas of interest and/or information that they would like addressed by Ron Campbell.

Procedural By-law – Update

Maryann Weaver advised the Committee that staff will be working on updated the Procedural By-law possibly in conjunction with Fred Dean training. Staff plans to have a draft before Council in the next few months.

June Council date and Great Lakes Mayors meeting conflict

The Committee discussed the conflict of dates and agreed to move the June Committee and Council meeting to June 23rd and 24th.

Electronic Agenda Packages

Maryann Weaver provided an explanation on the new electronic agenda packages, including the advantages and benefits to Council, staff and ratepayers. The full agenda packages will be posted on the website and will include the supporting documents.

Emergency Management Proposed Changes

Joe Villeneuve briefly reviewed with Council the Incident Command System (ICS) Model which he and the area Community Emergency Management Coordinators (CEMCs) are recommending be used as the West Parry Sound Areas approach to Emergency Management. Mr. Villeneuve also made recommendations for a training program to develop the roles with this model.

Staff was directed to bring a resolution forward to the January Council meeting.

Treetops Community Forest - Donation Request

Council discussed the donation request and agreed to a financial contribution of up to $2,000 per year for the next five years.

Staff was directed to bring a resolution forward to the January Council meeting.

The Committee recessed for lunch. The meeting resumed at 1:00pm.


Reeve Ketchum requested an addition to the agenda. The following item was added to the agenda: Update on New Waste Free Ontario Act.

Budget Updates

Mike Kearns provided Council with a budget update, including a brief explanation on the salary difference from 2014 and 2015.

Waste Management

Mike Kearns reported that the solar system has been installed at the Crane Lake transfer station and that the capacity of the batteries will need to be increased.

Mr. Kearns reported that he will be reviewing last year’s usage data from the waste sites and will come back to the Committee with proposed changes, if any.

Mr. Kearns reported on the issue with the bottle drive in Pointe Au Baril. Staff will be exploring options and bring forward recommendations.


Mike Kearns reported that the work to the public works shop roof has been completed and included installing a heat cable and reinforcing the eave through.

Mr. Kearns reported that the Rural Economic Development (RED) grant application has not yet been completed for the rehabilitation of the Pointe Au Baril lighthouse, but that the progress is open and the application will be submitted in February.


Mike Kearns reported that the roads have been performing well and functioning as expected. No issues to report.

Mr. Kearns advised the Committee on the plans for road construction, including the completion of Skerryvore Community Road, the resurfacing of Kapikog Road and a number of roads that are due for gravel resurfacing.

New Waste Free Ontario Act

Councillor Williams and Reeve Ketchum reported briefly on the proposed new waste diversion legislation and the potential impacts this legislation will have on the recycling programs in small municipalities.


Meeting adjourned at 2.25 p.m.



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Peter Ketchum, Reeve                          Maryann Weaver, Clerk

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