MNRF Dock and Boathouse Requirements
Township News - Building Notices




JUNE 2017

On June 1st, 2017, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) made changes to the Public Lands Act. As a result, most docks and single-storey boathouses that have 15m2 or less in physical contact with the shore land no longer require review or approval from the MNRF. Floating docks, post docks and crib docks, having less than 15m2 in physical contact with shore lands, are included in these changes.

A work permit will still be required for certain activities on shore lands; for example, the installation of cribs having a cumulative area of more than 15m2 in physical contact with shore lands.

Building permits are required from the Township of The Archipelago for the construction of a new dock or boathouse/boat port and/or the expansion of an existing dock or boathouse/boat port. If you have any questions with respect to municipal approvals and building permits, do not hesitate to contact the Building Department at 705-746-4243 ext. 317.