Guide to Site Plan Control and Development
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Guide to Site Plan Control and Development Applications

What is Site Plan Control?

Site plan control is a form of development control provided to municipalities by Ontario's Planning Act.  The Township’s Official Plan sets policies with respect to lands that have been designated by by-law to be site plan control areas.  No one can undertake any development on lands subject to site plan control unless Council has reviewed and approved certain plans. 

What are the goals of site plan control?

Site plan control by-laws are used to establish areas where site plan control will be applied over and above the regulations set out in the Township’s Zoning By-law.  Some of the major goals of site plan control for the Township are:

  • to improve the image and aesthetic appearance of properties;
  • to reduce the impact of development on surrounding land uses;
  • to protect environmental areas (e.g. wetlands, hilltops, wildlife habitats) through the appropriate location of buildings and structures

Who is affected?

In general, the following properties have been designated as site plan control areas:

  • all commercially zoned properties;
  • all properties zoned Private Club (PC);
  • all properties on Blackstone Lake;
  • all properties on Wah-wash-kesh Island of Kapikog Lake;
  • all properties on Sandy Island and Ingersoll Island;
  • all properties on Frying Pan Island;
  • all properties on Ojibway Island; and
  • all properties on Pentacost Island

In addition, there are a number of individual properties which Council has designated as site plan control areas.  Applicants should consult the Planning Department to determine whether a property is affected. 

What is Site Plan Approval?

Site Plan Approval is administered by the Township’s Planning Department pursuant to Section 41 of the Planning Act.  Site Plan approval given by Council for all properties designated by Township by-law as a site plan control area.  Site plan approval is a prerequisite to an application for a building permit. 

How do I apply?

It is strongly recommended that you consult with Planning Department staff prior to the submission of an application.  Contact information can be located on the Township’s website.

The Development Application for Lands Under Site Plan Control can be downloaded, printed and completed manually.  For your convenience, the application can also be completed on-line in a fillable PDF format and then printed.  Please note that applicants must submit an original application form containing original signatures where indicated.  In addition, the applicant must complete the Affidavit or Sworn Declaration section of the application form before a Commissioner or other person empowered to take affidavits.

An information sheet accompanies the application form and provides details with respect to the application process, the costs involved and the information and documentation required to be submitted with the application. 

How will my application be processed?

Planning Department staff will conduct a preliminary review of the application upon receipt of a completed application form, together with all required documentation and the application fee.

The Township’s Planner may conduct a site inspection of your property, following which a planning report will be prepared.  Your application will then be scheduled to be considered by Council for consideration.  Council may approve your application subject to you entering into a site plan agreement with the Township.  If a site plan agreement is required, a separate fee will be required.  The Planner will prepare the agreement and will forward it to you for signature, following which the Township’s solicitor will be engaged to register the site plan agreement on title.

Building permits are generally not issued until site plan control requirements are addressed. 

What is a site plan agreement?

A site plan agreement is an agreement registered on title that describes the manner in which a property is to be developed.  It contractually binds the owner to develop and maintain a site in accordance with the approved plans and the terms of the agreement.  The agreement may or may not include financial guarantees to ensure compliance with the agreement.

Commercially zoned properties and properties zoned Private Club (PC) are generally required to enter into site plan agreements.  In addition, site plan agreements may be imposed as conditions of an application for rezoning, minor variance or severance on residentially zoned properties.






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