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INTERNET and TELEPHONE Banking is available for TD Canada Trust, CIBC, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, and the Credit Union Central of Ontario and B.C. Your roll number is your account number -the banks require the full 19 digit roll number (no hyphens). The payee is ‘Archipelago’.

BY MAIL:  When mailing a payment, please enclose the payment stub and make your cheque payable to the Township of The Archipelago and mail to the address on the letterhead. Cheques may be post-dated to the due date of the installment, and will be held by the Tax Department.

IN PERSON:  At the Township Office: Monday–Friday 8:30–4:30 (closed for lunch 12:00 – 1:00 from September Labour Day to May Victoria Day). The Archipelago office has a drop box for after-hour payment deposits. Interac is available at the Township office.

PAYMENT BY YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY:  If you pay your taxes with your mortgage company, the mortgage company will be shown on your Final tax bill (upper right hand corner) along with a mark saying ‘DUPLICATE BILL’. This means we have sent your tax bill information to them for payment. This tax bill is for your records; do not send payment. Please note that the Interim tax bill mentions the mortgage company but does not include the words ‘DUPLICATE BILL’. Despite this, a duplicate bill has been sent to the mortgage company for payment.

RESIDENTS of THE UNITED STATES:  If you have a Canadian Bank account, please ensure that adequate funds are deposited into your account 30 days prior to the tax due date. This is important as funds will be held by your Canadian bank for at least 25 days while the U.S. cheque clearing process takes place. This will avoid the aggravation and added expense of NSF charges and late payment penalties.

If you choose to write a cheque to The Archipelago on your US account, we suggest that you use the current day’s exchange rate plus 3% to cover any difference in the exchange rate from the time of mailing to the time the cheque is cleared. If there is an overpayment the amount will show as a credit on your account and if there is a shortage we will send you a notice indicating the amount still owing. Please mail your cheque well in advance of the due date as mail delivery across the border may be a little slower than usual. The other option is sending a Canadian Bank Draft.

NOTE:  Payment is deemed to be made on the date the cheque is received in the Tax Department, NOT on the date of mailing; late payments are subject to penalty/interest charges.

Wire Payments are another option – Please call us for further information.

We are offering a new feature called Online Payments and eCommerce which can be found on our website www.thearchipelago.on.ca under Finance and Administration Department. There is a small transaction fee plus 3% of the bills payment to the Township which will be applied to your credit card.

 The Township DOES NOT ACCEPT Credit cards at the office for Tax payments.

 Taxes – Penalty & Interest

Penalty/Interest charges will be added to installments, not paid by the due date, at the rate of 1.25% on the first day of each month.

NOTE:  A $25.00 administration fee will be charged on cheques returned by our bank.

  Tax Billings - Installment Due Dates

The Township issues two tax bills per year. The interim bill is mailed in mid January of each year with installments due in February and March. The interim bill is based on 50% of the previous year’s taxes billed. The final bill is mailed in mid June of each year with installments due in July and August. Please watch the homepage of our website for updates as to when the tax bills have been mailed.

Interim Bill for 2017 was mailed out January 23rd & 24th with 1st installment due February 23, 2017 and 2nd installment due March 28, 2017.

Supplementary Billings – The Assessment Act allows a municipality to issue a Supplementary tax bill for several situations such as new building construction, new homes, renovations, improvements or property class changes. Supplementary assessments can be added for the current year and/or two preceding years.

 Ownership Changes to your Property

In order to make ownership changes on your tax account, we will require either a transfer deed (from the Land Registry office) or written notifications from your lawyer indicating your ownership change.

 Change of Address

The tax bills are always sent to the owner at your last known address. If you are moving it is imperative that you inform the Township’s tax department of your new address in writing or via email to mcole@thearchipelago.on.ca or via fax at (705) 746-7301.

NOTE:  If your address is not kept up-to-date penalty and interest fees will be applied to your account.

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